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Web Design Tips and Tricks

So you want to create a website? And you want it to look the way YOU want it to, not just with a template from WIX or Weeby or even Squarespace? Then this page is for you.

If ou are just trying to get a point across, the key is to keep your site simple. Personally i think that Motherfucking Website says it best: you don't need a fancy "modernist" website just to prove a point. Text on a page should be the way to do it. If you're more experienced you can use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to improve the look of your web page. CSS is easy, as proven by Better Motherfucking Website. But if you want to get serious about good website design, here are some tips and tricks:

- Make use of (some) text contrast. A little is okay, but don't kill your users' eyes with pure black and white contrast.

- DON'T use remote fonts... seriously, you are not a media site. Not everyone has professional typefaces installed on their computers. The best option is a font stack that users already have. As an alternative you can use free, open fonts such as Open Sans.

- As an added plus, don't make your visitors have to load several MB of jQuery/remote fontstack/Framework every time they visit your site. Keep it simple (but not without styling!)

- If Javascript is used it should enhance your website, not slow it down. As an example, click the buttons on the left side of the site to change the background color, invert this page's colors, or even switch to that cool new 'night mode' thing we've all been hearing about.

- Get creative!

(source: The Best Motherfucking Website)

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