About Page Customization

Actually, this was made as an extension (kind of) to the Motherfucking Website saga. All of the "Motherf*cking" websites discuss various points such as frameworks, styling, and server-side elements. In this page I will be discussing the styling elements.

I do agree that some styling is important. There are many ways to style web pages, from simple text to text and (some) colors to fancy 'minimalist' websites. But I had a crazy idea: why not let users choose how a site looks?

Just like Linux (of which the "website improvers" probably use) can be made to work and look just like you want it to (using desktop managers such as GNOME or KDE, for example) so too can your site be visually manipulated by the user. Try starting with small things such as text contrast or an inverted theme (or may I suggest, night mode?) If you have more experience, you can build in something to allow users to manipulate fonts, colors, etc.

Technically this page can be manipulated in this way, it already has controls to add more contrast or even invert colors in this very sentence. Try it!

Examples to try:


Increase text contrast

Increase background contrast


Change background color (pick: )

Change text color (pick: )


Presets/Pre-made Themes:



Bay Orange




Reset to default style

This page was created by me and me alone.

Inspired by the Motherfucking Website saga.