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Black Holes

Background: How Black Holes Form

Black Holes are usually formed when an extremely massive star dies in a supernova. They are among the simplest objects in the universe.

No Escape

Black Holes are mysterious objects that can be highly dangerous when an object is caught into one. Nothing, not even light, can escape from a black hole.

Specifcally, what would happen if a human fell into a Black Hole?

Could you be stretched? In what way?

Every Part of your body... is being pulled in the same way, and so you feel weightless.

Would It Hurt?

No. Even though you would be stretched you wouldn't feel like your joints are coming out of their sockets. At first, you don't feel any gravitational forces at all.

Would You Survive?

Ultimately, No. Tidal forces get more and more intense as you get closer to the center, and eventually they will rip you apart.

How Long Would It Take?

Contrary to its sheer size, it wouldn't take that long to traverse a Black Hole. It takes about 8 minutes to reach the horizon. Once you've gotten that far, it takes you only another 7 seconds to hit the singularity.

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